Turn down that PMS! Try this Exercise

Beet puree

A little PMS can be normal, it reminds us to take some time for self-care. But when your mood drops, you want to throw things and you have painful cramps, that’s going too far! It is time to bring balance to the body.

What are some simple remedies?

A healthy diet is important: Eliminate the sugar and you will feel better. Sugar causes inflammation, which causes pain. Sugar also decreases your B-vitamins which you need for a good mood. Instead of sugar, eat plenty of sweet potatoes (camote) topped with raw butter and salt or make my mocha smoothie.

The chocolate will also boost your mood!

Add in Magnesium (200-300 mg at night before bed) plus vitamin B-6. Take them daily.

Take Black Currant Seed Oil. It will help your uterus to relax (not for pregnant women).

Try this exercise!

Resting Butterfly, the PMS neutralizer!

PMS Remedies

The resting butterfly

Lie down in bed and open up your legs so the knees fall to the side and the soles of your feet are together. If your thigh muscles are tight, don’t worry, place some supportive pillows under your knees at the side so you are comfy.

Feel for your pubic bone. This is a bone that is at the lowest part of your abdomen and is a short bone that is horizontal. Feel the tenderness in the bone. Use your thumbs to apply pressure against the bone and release the tenderness all along the bone.

Now as you find the sensitive points, apply gentle pressure and breathe in to a count of 4, hold to a count of 4, release to a count of 4, and hold to a count of 4.

Repeat this process for 5-10 minutes.

If you have access to a hot pack, apply a little olive oil with 5 drops of lavender, to your belly and then cover with a hot pack while you do the resting butterfly.

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