18 Principles for Restoring Health in Diabetes 2

elder couple making a salad

Diabetes type 2 develops from the disruption of authentic and natural ways of living. It is a disease of modernity. We can manage and even reverse diabetes by intensive engagement with natural medicine and integrative health methods.

There are 18 actionable principles that can change the mind /body elements of the dis-ease. Diabetes responds to behavioral changes at the personal, familial, social and environmental levels. Yes, environmental! Did you know air pollution increases the risk of diabetes? By identifying each of these steps, we can act, to restore our health and that of our kindred community. Let me show you how.

1. Holistic

Diabetes, like many other chronic preventable diseases, is a complex health problem that can be addressed successfully only through holistic and integrative methods.

2. Social

Addressing the health symptoms of diabetes must also address social justice in communities. Discrimination causes stress and stress makes us vulnerable to diabetes 2.

3. Trauma

In order to address chronic disease, the chronic stress, cultural and nutritional trauma that has contributed to it must be resolved.

4. Environment

All the world’s cultures have rich resources for healing that derive from the environment in which they flourish. Nature works slowly, but surely. Nature may take longer than synthetic approaches but will have a more lasting effect.

5. Live Food

Food is either alive or dead. Only live food nourishes health.

6. Food is Medicine

Food can be medicine, nourishment or poison; know the difference.

7. Genetic Heritage

There is no one right diet for everyone. Diet must be based on the individual’s cultural and genetic heritage.

8. Relax

Relaxation and stress reduction lowers blood glucose levels and improves digestion and absorption of nutrients.

9. Positive Psychology

Behavioral change occurs by focusing on adding positive activities (habits) first and followed by eliminating negative habits (activities).

10. Get Wild

Use wild, freshly prepared foods. Go into the fields and pick fresh wild greens grasses and roots.

11. Alternatives to Pharma

For medicine, use nutrient-dense foods, herbs, vitamins, nutrients, and glandulars, Use surgery and pharmaceuticals only as a last resort and after trying every alternative.

12. Be Proactive/Diabetes is a Political Disease

To create change in the community, do not challenge the institutions; create the demand for change within the community. This will change the institutions. If the institutions don’t change, create your own.

13. Teamwork

Find a few good people who will be members of your health team and ensure that they talk with each other, for your benefit.

14. Water Heals

Hydrotherapy is an ancient science. Ice reduces pain and inflammation; Heat soothes and relaxes; warm baths with sea salt and baking soda reduces toxicity; warm (not hot) foot baths relieve a headache; ice applied to the middle of the back improves respiration; when it’s applied to the xiphoid process it reduces GERD, cold showers lift the spirits and quell anxiety.

15. Healing Touch

Learn to touch, for healing. Rock your children your partners, your grandmothers Seek out trained touch therapists. Touch heals at all stages of life.

16. The Liver Loves Bitter

The liver loves bitter plants and foods. Eat some bitter plants with each meal. The first organ to reflect sugar imbalance is the liver. Fat accumulates in the liver in diabetes. Cleanse your liver to improve your health.

17. Move and Shake

Achieve up to for 1 hour of exercise, 6 days a week; including walking, biking, weights, and balancing exercises. Interval training protects the brain and enhances memory.

18. Let the Sunshine in

Let the sun warm your exposed skin for 20 minutes a day; reduce the use of sunglasses; obtain Full Spectrum Light bulbs for dark the winter months. (it will also reduce carb and sugar cravings!).

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