My Story

How it all happened…

My Story Continues…

a woman giving counselingCity jungle or the psych ward

I returned to the jungle of Boston after 10 years and began working on my first master’s degree in cross cultural health psychology. In a public hospital locked psychiatric ward, I did gentle bodywork and rocked schizophrenic women to sleep lieu of their daily sedative. I still teach rocking to clinicians and clients as an important treatment for people of all ages. Then I returned to the jungle for 2 years again…

yoga classTraining the people who treat the mind and body

I always returned to Boston to treat clients and my clinical practice was filled with dozens of psychiatrists who in turn referred their patients who were cutting, burning, purging, and generally traumatized, to receive bodywork and body-centered psychotherapy, nutrition, and to learn yoga to alleviate their distress. I have written up these many case stories in my published books.

Harvard universityHarvard Medical School

I accepted a clinical fellowship at Harvard Medical School. While there, I brought bodywork therapies into outpatient psychiatry and further developed my theories and practice of Mind Body therapies for the treatment of PTSD. I was appointed as a clinical supervisor, but I longed for the jungle of Mexico and my patients there and left Harvard.

Therapy Dogs

Thirty years ago, I began working with the first of several of my therapy dogs and I continue to present workshops on how therapy dogs help to restore touch and sensation with children and adults who have been traumatized.

These days?

I conduct telehealth training and supervision to clinicians and telehealth treatment to patients advising on mental health nutrition. I delight in giving keynotes internationally about Integrative Medicine, Mental Health Nutrition and Culinary Medicine.

I work out 5 days a week with my trainer doing pilates, yoga, weights, aerobics, Bosu, and kickboxing. I can do a 300-pound leg press and place my palms flat on the floor while standing (Though not both at the same time!) I also work and play with my therapy dog Xoco (pronounced sho-ko – it means chocolate!)

My Dream

I have already realized so many of my dreams. I have traveled the world, worked at my passion my whole career, and have a loving family and great friends (both 2- and 4-footed.)

So what’s next?

To provide you with the know-how designed just for you, to experience optimal energy, focus and high spirits.

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