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NutriPsych Mental Health Nutrition and Optimal Cognition practitioner

The NutriPsychTM program is designed for the Nutrition Professional who wants to advance clinical skills and business practice of Mental Health Nutrition.

With a self-paced online course, live Q&A sessions, clinical case review with Dr. Leslie Korn, this Certification Program will build your practice in the revolutionary new field of mental health nutrition, Cognitive performance and Dementia Prevention. You will develop a special niche practice business plan that will be reviewed by business and marketing professionals and you will receive tailored guidance for your success.

I found your recent PTSD webinar to be one of the best I’ve attended in some time. It was so good, so practical. Thanks so very much.

- Mary VanNortwick, BS MS RDN IFNCP

I was so impacted by your teaching and you personally at National College of Naturopathic Medicine, all those years ago. I’ve never forgotten. Your presence was very powerful and I resonated with it.

- Dr. Deirdre Orceyre, George Washington University Center for Integrative Medicine

I attended your 5 day certification program in Scottsdale and am still amazed at how much I learned! You are an inspiration and I am making supplemental and other suggestions to my clients in private practice.

- Susan Norton, LICSW

An Excerpt from Mental Health Nutrition

Mental Health is the missing piece in a Nutritional Professional’s practice! Listen to Dr. Leslie Korn as she introduces you to the growing field of Mental Health Nutrition on this free video.

About this program

Become a successful nutritional practitioner in mental health nutrition and optimal cognition.

This course will enable you to advance and develop your practice by addressing mental and emotional health as well as cognitive function.

You will also learn skills to better manage challenging personalities, program adherence, interpersonal dynamics and to understand the often-hidden message beneath client communication.

You will learn how to use nutrition and integrative medicine to help individuals and families

  • PTSD and complex trauma
  • Depression and mood
  • Cognition, performance & the dementias
  • Addictions, substance use & eating disorders
  • BiPolar
  • Pain
  • SAD
  • Autism spectrum and neurodiversity
  • ADHD
  • Schizophrenia

Methods and modules explored

  • Developing your niche practice
  • Ethics and scope of practice
  • Boundaries
  • Bio-individuality and mental health
  • Circadian & ultradian rhythms
  • Mental and physical assessment methods
  • Digestion: the link to depression and anxiety
  • Counseling techniques
  • Culinary medicine for mood
  • Nutritional supplementation to enhance mood cognition and emotional states
  • Herbal medicine for mental illness
  • Eliminating pharmaceuticals
  • Detoxification and integrative health
  • Working with mental and physical health professionals
Join the new wave of mental health nutrition experts!

“If food is medicine, what do we eat to heal? Beyond conventional nutrition dogma, Leslie Korn’s sophisticated, researched, and truly holistic perspective is urgently needed. I couldn’t be more thrilled to add The Good Mood Kitchen to the top of my list.”

- Dr. Kelly Brogan, Holistic Women’s Health Psychiatrist
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    Dr. Korn’s Textbook

    Nutrition Essentials for Mental Health offers the mental health clinician the principles and practices necessary to provide clients with nutritional counseling to improve mood and mental health.

    Integrating clinical evidence with Dr. Leslie Korn’s extensive experience, this textbook takes clinicians step-by-step through the essentials for integrating nutritional therapies into mental health treatment.

    Throughout, brief clinical vignettes illustrate commonly encountered obstacles and how to overcome them.

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