Medical Massage for Diabetes We need your support for the delivery of diabetes-specific massage and bodywork for underserved people in rural indigenous communities

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Free Treatments

Five massage therapists will provide free treatments and self care education for twelve months for over 40 individuals

Self-Care Education

Provide self-care education and exercises for each client and family members

Raise awareness in our community

Educate the general public and health professionals about the benefits of massage therapy for Diabetes Type 2

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Diabetes Type 2 is a very common chronic disease in Mexico, including the rural Municipality of Cabo Corrientes and in urban areas of Puerto Vallarta

Massage therapy has a long history of practice in rural and urban areas of Mexico. Local healers are called sobadores and in the last 30 years therapeutic massage has grown in availability particularly in urban areas as it has decreased in rural areas. However therapeutic or medical massage for diabetes and its sequelae is non-existent in this region except as delivered by the work of Dr. Korn and the therapists of the Center for Traditional Medicine (CTM) over the last 40 years.

This project strengthens the outreach and trains additional therapists to deliver more massage therapy for diabetes to underserved people in urban and rural indigenous areas.

The Faces of Diabetes Project

Each participant receives a professional portrait as a gift of pride.  The Faces of Diabetes is another aspect of our project designed to raise public awareness about the beauty and spirit of people affected by this disease.

Thank you to the gifted photographer Josef Kandoll.

Therapists with healing hands

Our goal is also to provide training, at no charge, to massage therapists in the region who wish to incorporate these techniques into their skill set and also enhance their own careers.

Mina Barrera, Lead Therapist
Patricia Díaz Hernández
Claudia Jannet González Hernández
Cleotilde García Gutiérrez

We need your support for the delivery of diabetes-specific massage and bodywork for underserved people in rural indigenous communities

Free resources to prevent and treat Type 2 Diabetes from our Non-profit Center for Traditional Medicine

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This proposal builds upon a generous grant provided by the Massage Therapy Foundation to CTM/CWIS in 2010 and is supported financially and administratively by the Center for Traditional Medicine operating under the fiscal sponsorship of the Center for World Indigenous Studies, a Native led organization registered with the US Internal Revenue Service as a nonprofit 501 (c) 3 since 1984 with the Federal ID number 91-1247029.)

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