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As a nationally board-approved clinical supervisor (ACS) and master clinician in private practice I specialize in supporting practitioners from all disciplines who work integratively. I am a former clinical supervisor at Harvard Medical School, Bastyr University of Naturopathic Medicine, Capella University, and the New England School of Acupuncture. My passion is to mentor you by sharing a wealth of compassionate, effective methods, garnered over 30 years of practice.

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I look forward to supporting your ongoing clinical success and personal satisfaction.

Below you will find three ways I consult with you.

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Clinical Coaching for Professionals

Clinical Coaching for Professionals

Take the next step professionally by incorporating integrative medicine and nutrition into an effective and personally satisfying clinical practice. I work with you to clarify your niche identity, gain confidence, build business and marketing skills and develop tools for communicating what your practice offers.

“I want you to know how incredibly grateful I am to be working with you. It’s been one of the greatest joys of my life. The next six months are going to be very exciting as I take the next step into building a successful practice!”

– Nora Lasorsa. MSW, CMHIMP. Concord, MA

Case Consultation for Professionals

Case Consultation for Professionals

I provide you with consultation and supervision about your client cases so you feel confident and effective in your work. I help you define specific clinical treatment priorities, protocol options, help you assess, prioritize and develop integrative programs or overcome “knotty” interpersonal challenges with clients or colleagues.

“Dr. Korn has the heart of a teacher and mentor. I now conduct integrative intakes for all of my clients and I feel confident in prioritizing care and making recommendations.”

– Ilyse Keeley, Licensed Social Worker, CMHIMP, New Jersey

Second Opinions for Professionals and the Public

Second Opinions for Professionals and the Public

I provide a “second opinion” for professionals or self-referring clients by conducting a thorough assessment, diagnosis and/or treatment plan for your clients or for a personal request. Following the second opinion, I am available to advise or refer clinical, but will not become the client’s clinician.

Janas’ Story

Jana consulted with me because she was stalled in her psychotherapy treatment. She was diagnosed with bipolar disorder and had been institutionalized against her will, twice, and placed on 3 medications which she wanted to stop taking. Following a thorough history and assessment, I gently suggested that she was diagnosed incorrectly and that she might be experiencing the effects of complex trauma. I suggested that we confirm this diagnosis and, once her treatment helped her to address the root cause of her symptoms, the traumas she experienced, then she would be able to reduce or eliminate medications and recover. I also met with her therapist and psychiatrist who were amenable to review a proposed plan of action. Eighteen months later, I heard from Jana that she was off all medications, and had been continuing in a successful therapy process.

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