Clinical Coaching & Supervision

I mentor you to incorporate mental health nutrition and natural medicine
into your practice

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Upgrade your Practice

Have you experienced an increase in clients seeking natural remedies for their health issues? Or are you currently working with a client who doesn’t seem to be improving, no matter what medicines or therapies she or he is receiving? Have you heard the terms “integrative” or “mind body” medicine and wondered what it was about?

I work with you to incorporate integrative medicine for mental health into your clinical practice, more about what I do and how you can implement my protocols into your own practices.

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Benefits of Coaching with me

  • ‍Clarity and Focus about your next career steps
  • Set goals in the context of a whole life blueprint
  • Co-Creation of actionable plan that reflects your vision
  • Specific action items that lead you to your goals
  • Clarity about integration of your work and life values
  • Exploration of obstacles and how to overcome them
  • Build connections and learn where to network

Mental Health Professionals

I provide consultation to mental health professionals looking to learn more about integrative medicine and add nutritional therapies, complementary/alternative methods, and somatic psychotherapies to the work they are doing with their clients. I am also available to provide a consult or second opinion about a specific client.


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Consultation for Agency Administrators and Staff

I work with agencies and program directors who wish to design and incorporate new programs with a focus on supporting cross-cultural competency through in-service training and provide innovative treatment programs for individuals, families, groups, and the local community.

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