I completed your amazing training program on Integrative Medicine.  Thank you for all you do in this field.  Your wisdom that I was able to gain is going to be so helpful as I work with clients.

- Lisa Bartelheim, MA, LMHC, CADAC II, QPR Instructor. Cameron Memorial Community Hospital

Dr. Leslie Korn is a pioneer in the integration of mental health and nutrition and continues to lead the field. As an educator and an author, she has mastered the integration of the latest science and skillfully mentors other professionals drawing on her decades of clinical experience. Dr. Korn never stops learning and she never stops teaching. I highly recommend her courses and her books!

Gray L. Graham, BA, NTP Founder of the Nutritional Therapy Association (NTA)

I  am proud to have just finished your 18 hour online course on for integrative medicine. I found it so inspiring to learn of your knowledge and all the benefits of the “Brainbow”. I specialize as a clinical psychologist in California and a board certified dance movement therapist – to me working with children and parents has always been an integrative practice of mind and body.

Dr. Lori Baudino, BC-DMT, Licensed Clinical Psychologist

I found your recent PTSD webinar to be one of the best I’ve attended in some time. It was so good, so practical. Thanks so very much.

Mary VanNortwick, BS MS RDN IFNCP

The Nutritional and Integrative Medicine for Mental Health Professional course is a valuable introduction for occupational therapists that are seeking to increase their personal and professional competence in this area of practice. The themes of lifestyle change and empowering the client to take ownership of their wellness journey mirror our professional values and the evidence-based interventions are well within the scope of occupational therapy as a partner in the integrative health process.

Dr. Muzna Ahmed, OTD, OTR/L. Doctor of Occupational Therapy, Intrepid Spirit Center

I was so impacted by your teaching and you personally at National College of Naturopathic Medicine, all those years ago. I’ve never forgotten. Your presence was very powerful and I resonated with it.

– Dr. Deirdre Orceyre, George Washington University Center for Integrative Medicine

“I am so grateful to have had Dr. Korn share her wisdom with the GoodTherapy.org community. She has a wealth of knowledge in natural medicine and trauma and does extraordinary and admirable work here and abroad. Her continuing education presentation, ‘Rhythms of Recovery: Trauma Nature and the Body’ was a valuable resource for our members interested in non-pharmaceutical treatment methods. I encourage anyone interested in complementary and alternative medicine to familiarize themselves with Dr. Korn’s work, and I thank her for her wonderful contribution to our continuing education program.” 

– Noah Rubinstein, LMFT, CEO and Founder of GoodTherapy.org

Leslie Korn is a terrific teacher. She is able to communicate her vast knowledge to her audience in a fun and dynamic way. Her positive energy and humor in combination with her ability to articulate complex ideas make her a wonderful speaker. We were lucky to have someone of Leslie’s caliber at our conference on Alternatives to Medication for Child and Adolescent Mental Health.

– Paula Ochs, LCSW, CP, PAT, Associate Clinical Director, Family Service League, Montclair, NJI

Dr. Korn’s class took my clinical practice to another level. She goes beyond the traditional clinical considerations to helps practitioners guide their clients to better mental and physical health by implementing common sense nutritional strategies. This is the perfect training for any professional who wants to add nutritional awareness to help their clients improve their mood and their mental health. The mix of vignettes, knowledge sharing about the principles and practices of mental health and nutrition, charts, and recipes makes this course valuable and easy to follow.

– Jill Charney, MSW and yoga instructor, Boston

Dr. Leslie Korn has been my teacher, mentor, associate, and colleague for over thirty years. Leslie is a brilliant speaker, communicator, and a very skilled teacher who can take command of a class or group and move them to excellence. Leslie’s teaching and speaking gift combines dynamism, clarity and a wonderful humor all rolled into one. She keeps her audience/students engaged, allows for critical thinking processes, motivates positive responses and creates an exciting learning environment.

– Dr. Mary Jo Ruggieri, Former Olympic synchronized swimming coach and professor, The Ohio State University

Leslie Korn used storytelling for her keynote “Somatic Empathy: Restoring Public Health with Massage.” Korn captivated attendees with stories of her work collaborating with tribal communities in Mexico and the United States to restore touch therapies and nutrition from traditional foods, traditions that had dropped off in response to complex and historical trauma. “Their bodies told stories their minds longed to keep quiet,” she said. Without breaking from her storytelling style, she fed the audience data from many studies, shared techniques for healing that were evidence-driven, and made recommendations for future studies. It was a rare treat that set the mood for the day, acknowledging the intangible nature of massage alongside the evidence.

– Diana Thompson, LMP, Seattle

If you are looking for vibrant speaker and educator who assists you in applying integrative approaches while thinking both within and outside the box – look no further. Leslie Korn provides the full spectrum of medicine traditions, with applications to public health and clinical service. Leslie is one of the finest speakers and clinicians I have had the opportunity to train with and learn from. Her understanding of trauma, culture and the development of health is like none other. Leslie’s narrative engages audiences fully, meeting the unique needs of each group. Add to this, her integrity and ethics, with a dose of vibrant humor, her lectures and courses become everlasting. Her blend of gold standard research and a life time of clinical and cultural experience brings a unique understanding of the human condition, along with practical application of health principles in a variety of communities. Leslie shares her passion for health, vitality and the journey one takes to wellness. Every moment with her is worth its weight well beyond measure.

– Sandi Loytomaki, Integrative Medicine Practitioner Student, M.OMSc Osteopathic Manual Therapy, Toronto, Ontario, Canada