I will help you improve your mood with food

I specialize in using nutrition, herbal medicine, and counseling to treat trauma, depression, anxiety, and dementia prevention

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We are connected to our past through our food

Our Choices define our Future

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Our Heritage, Our Strength

Genetic tests for a personalized Nutrition Map

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Integrative Medicine for
Posttraumatic Stress and Complex Trauma

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My new book

The Good Mood Kitchen
Simple Recipes and Nutrition Tips for Emotional Balance

“Dr. Leslie Korn’s sophisticated, researched, and truly holistic perspective is urgently needed”.

– Dr. Kelly Brogan, Holistic Women’s Health Psychiatrist

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Nutrition Essentials for Mental Health
A Complete Guide to the Food-Mood Connection

“This isn’t the kind of book you read once and set on the shelf; rather, it’s a companion to reference throughout the day working with clients, listening to friends and hearing your own body speak.”

– Somatic Psychotherapy Today

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Rhythms of Recovery
Trauma, Nature, and the Body

“Rhythms of Recovery: Trauma, Nature, and the Body” is the first scholarly work to fill the enormous gap in the conventional methods used to treat PTSD. Uniting complex threads of conventional and alternative therapies into a compelling tapestry  this book addresses the social, psychological, cultural, biological and energetic causes and meanings of traumatic experience. ”

-Dr. James Lake for Psychiatric Times

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Eat Right, Feel Right:
50 Recipes and Tips to Improve Mood Sleep Attention and Focus

“Whether you’re struggling with depression, anxiety, insomnia, or day-to-day stress, Eat Right, Feel Right provides simple and manageable tips for a healthier lifestyle.”

–Jonah Paquette, PsyD, clinical psychologist, speaker, Happiness expert, author of Real Happiness: Proven Paths for Contentment, Peace & Well-Being

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Multicultural Counseling Workbook
Exercises, Worksheets & Games to Build Rapport with Diverse Clients

Cultural competency begins with knowing who you are. Interactive, engaging and fun — this workbook is filled with valuable exercises, worksheets, games and clinical strategies to help you become more culturally competent. Use this powerful tool to explore cultural communities, religion, spirituality, gender, sexuality and disability.

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Preventing and Treating Diabetes Type 2, Naturally
Your Comprehensive Guide to Food, Herbs, Supplements, Recipes, Energy Medicine, Massage and Exercise

“Dr. Korn offers safe, effective alternatives that restore basic health and a solution that far surpasses drug therapy. Here are the tools for creating health.”

– Norman Shealy, MD, PHD, Neuroscientist, Founder, American Holistic Medicine Association

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Prevenir y Tratar la Diabetes, Naturalmente

Un nuevo curso que te entrenará para restaurar buenos hábitos alimenticios y prácticas de cuidado personal para mejorar tu vida, disminuir tu consumo de medicamentos, y fortalecer tus lazos familiares, comunitarios y ambientales.

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Preventing and Treating Diabetes, Naturally

This online course will teach you how to restore good dietary habits and self-care practices to enhance your life, lower your medication intake, and strengthen your bonds to family, community and environment.

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Become my Patient

I consider the WHOLE PERSON when assessing and creating a treatment plan for you. I use the art and science of proven protocols that are individualized to your mental and physical health needs. I work with you at your pace, to achieve the wellbeing you deserve.

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Clinical Coaching

As a Board Certified Approved Clinical Supervisor I mentor you to incorporate mental health nutrition and natural medicine into your practice and I provide Career Counseling for all stages of study to develop and advance an integrative mental health career.

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Career Counseling

I believe part of having a successful 40-year career myself is sharing what I have learned with those just starting out —or making a career change when necessary. That’s why I work with both students and professionals in specific fields to define your vision and goals for the short, middle, and long term and to identify strategies and specific tasks that will lead to your success.

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Calm the Nervous System: Repose Broth Recipe

One cannot think well, love well, sleep well, if one has not dined well. -Virginia Woolf In these stressful times we all need a way to take care of ourselves and nourish our brain, mind and body with foods that are easy to digest and bring calm to our Nervous System. You have all read…

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Improving Mental Health Through Diet Cathy Biase

Let’s not address just the symptom, we need to change the root of it for us to be healthy.