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Nonprofit work: massagesI have spent a large part of my career living and working among indigenous communities in Mexico, providing health care. I founded the nonprofit Center for Traditional Medicine in 1977 and have been passionately involved ever since.

The Center for Traditional Medicine is a program of the Center for World Indigenous Studies, a Nonprofit native organization of activist scholars devoted to the rights and support of indigenous peoples worldwide. I serve as research director and continue my work as the head of CTM.

Center for Traditional Medicine

HerbsThe Center for Traditional Medicine provides direct support to indigenous communities to revitalize and sustain traditional (indigenous) health, wellness, and medical traditions.

We conduct research training and design and implement clinical programs and work with communities, tribal agencies, and non-governmental organizations.

We apply traditional medicine and indigenous knowledge systems including herbal medicine, touch therapies, ancestral nutrition & mental health nutrition to address problems of chronic illnesses brought by development and colonization practices.

We address interpersonal and cultural and historical trauma by bridging cultural wisdom with the healing arts & sciences.

Our work is hands- on, up close, personal and always a function of a request by individuals, communities and organizations.


Please enjoy a slide show of our work in Mexico. Meet the beautiful people whom we serve and work with, and the delicious food we prepare at our retreats.

Listen to Dr. Leslie’s interview with Poet and Cultural Activist Paul Nelson about her Nonprofit center and integrating Traditional and Modern Medicine.


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