Pharmaceutical-grade quality products

We Care 100% of the profits from your purchase support my 501 (c) 3 nonprofit project Nutrients for Natives that brings health for indigenous peoples in the US and Mexico

These health companies exceed industry standards and provide pharmaceutical-grade quality products. I use products from these companies for my personal health, my family’s health, and for my clients and students.

When we work together I will make specific recommendations for you, and offer at a 20% client discount.

Create your personalized prescription and review it for changes as needed. You may also purchase at a discount essential oils, certain foods and personal hygiene products.

You can also sign up to receive refill reminders in your cellphone.

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WellevateSM dispenses nutrients I recommend, and is focused on delivering the brands, resources & services to help support patient care.

Simply visit the shopping link below and create your account. You will automatically be listed as a patient under my care.

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These specially crafted organic essential oils and aromas are designed to enhance emotional and physical wellbeing.

Please visit the link below to shop.
Use coupon code “goodmood” for a 10% discount.

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Biotics makes food-based nutritional supplements for holistic professionals that are pure, hypoallergenic, bioavailable, and always 100% gluten free.

To order Biotics, please call: 360 438 3600 and let them know that you are a client of Dr. Korn. They will open an account for you and drop ship to your address.

Biotics Research is a long time supporter of our Nutrients for Natives project. Read more here.

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My Nutrition Advisor shares with you a way of living a healthy life through superfood smoothies.

Shop by clicking the link below, and creating an account in the top right corner. Receive a 5% discount with use of the coupon code “korn”.

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