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Are you ready to take control of your health and naturally improve your well-being?

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I am known for cracking the tough cases – people who have tried EVERYTHING to improve their energy, vitality and mental well-being.

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Learn what happened when my client Jill embarked on the BrainBow Blueprint

Jill was a middle-aged professional suffering from anxiety, fatigue, poor sleep and digestive discomfort. She did not like the side effects of the medication she was on for anxiety and she called me to see how an individualized nutrition plan could help her. After listening to her story and running a few lab tests, I pinpointed several food sensitivities and nutritional deficits and discovered that her diet was actually making her anxiety worse. Jill and I spent 90 minutes on the phone and I designed for her a personalized food and supplement plan. We then met for 30 minutes each week for several weeks to help her get off to a strong start while making these changes.

Within 2 weeks of eating per my plan, Jill noticed an overall improvement and reduction in anxiety. Within 8 weeks, she was off her medication. When we checked in again at the 6-month mark, Jill was energized, her anxiety was gone, she was sleeping better and she also reported that she felt much happier and felt like she had purpose again. Jill and I continue to touch base every 6 months to “tweak” her protocol as we work to help her achieve optimal wellness.

Jill is just one of the thousands of people I care for, with whom I have consulted during my 40+ years of personalized clinical work.

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How does the BrainBow Blueprint work?

You travel the BrainBow Blueprint at your own pace towards health.
To restore mental and physical health naturally, my recommendations may include:
  • ‍Nutritional therapies
  • ‍Herbal Medicine
  • ‍Somatic therapies
  • ‍Detoxification
  • Talk and coaching
  • Specific exercises
If you follow the BrainBow Blueprint I tailor just for you, you will:
  • ‍Sleep better
  • Have more energy
  • Feel more balanced in mood
  • ‍Be more productive
  • Stay in your competitive edge
  • Feel more balanced in mood
  • Reduce or eliminate pharmaceuticals‍

What is my assessment process?

After taking and analyzing a comprehensive history during my first client session, I may recommend specialized, non-invasive lab tests, such as:

  • ‍Genomic Testing
  • ‍Tissue Mineral Analysis (Hair analysis of mineral status, ratios, metabolic function, and heavy metal toxicity)
  • ‍Comprehensive blood and salivary testing for biological stress, hormones, inflammatory markers, and imbalances contributing to poor health
  • ‍Food allergy and sensitivity tests

After receiving lab results, I then provide you with a comprehensive written BrainBow Blueprint, a map for step-by-step change.


I do not accept people who are suicidal or psychotic. I also do not provide primary care or primary psychotherapeutic care. I encourage you to have these supports in place. I am always happy to consult with your prescriber.

I do tele-health communicating via phone and video for my clients in the United States and internationally. As you proceed on your program, I guide you via phone or video check-ins every 2 weeks (or as needed) to help you overcome obstacles and achieve optimal physical and mental well-being.

Are you ready to take control of your health and naturally improve your well-being?

Download more details about the next steps in your process of becoming my client and my fee sheet. Click here.

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