Coronavirus: Tips to Support your Immunity


Many of you have been calling or writing to me about how to protect yourselves and family members against the Coronavirus.

I won’t review commonly shared information below, I assume you have it. I want to share some information that may be new to you.

As you know, with everything I teach, it’s about reducing exposure to the stressor or pathogen and enhancing the capacity of the body and mind to respond effectively, if exposed. This is applied to everything we do: we reduce sugar intake but if we eat it, counteract its effects with B vitamins and chromium; reduce heavy metal exposure, but, since it’s in the air we breathe and the fish we eat, it’s about helping the body detox with loads of brown seaweeds and cilantro, at the same time as we help the liver work with bitter greens, garlic and olive oil and coffee enemas.

Addressing a virus is similar, reducing exposure with all the ways you have heard about: avoiding crowds, or the gym, washing hands and using alcohol swabs, and so on. I just returned from teaching a fantastic group of 70 clinicians in Seattle for my PESI course, and Seattle is ground zero for the virus so I was washing and swabbing with alcohol in class, in the limo, on the plane and in restaurants.

Coconut Oil

Swab with alcohol enough and your hands will dry out. Your first step is to keep a small container of coconut oil which is an emollient, or skin soother to counteract those effects.


Soap breaks down the covering of the virus which makes it more effective than hand sanitizer. Buy a coconut soap infused with delicious smells which in turn will reduce stress. My favorite is Himalaya USA Lavender and Rosemary Soap.

Mindfulness and the Face

We hear a lot about not touching the face; the fact is we do this all the time and it’s unconscious; Practice mindfulness and bring your breath and attention to your behavior each time you want to touch the face, nose or mouth. Do this practice enough and you will make the unconscious, conscious.

Healthy Protocols

Here is the protocol I use to protect against virus’ and boost immune function.

  • Eat the “Brainbow Diet”: Choose foods from all the colors of the “ BrainBow” to enhance
  • Plenty of Sleep
  • Aerobic exercise once a day: reach 80% of your maximum heart rate for at least 10 minutes to raise the body temperature.
  • Skin brush daily to enhance immune function.
  • Coffee enemas (for the liver)

Nutrients and Herbs

  • NAC: 1500 mg a day
  • Vitamin A, 40,000 units daily (I use Biotics research Vit, AE Mulsion forte)
  • Vitamin D, 10- 15,000 units/day (I use Biotics Research Vit. D Mulsion Forte)
  • Thymus Glandular, 500 mg 3 times a day (Both Biotics research and Allergy Research have excellent Thymus Glandular)
  • Licorice root tea suppresses virus’ and enhances the stress response (go easy on licorice if you have high blood pressure).

As always tailor these suggestions to your individual needs and work with a clinician to adjust doses as needed. If you feel sick it is essential to seek medical care that will help guide you using the best of biomedical and naturopathic care: what I call Integrative Medicine.

For those who want to learn more on how to address coronavirus through integrative approaches, I have recorded a 1-hour training where I explore more profoundly all these topics and more.

You can enroll here

References and Notes

Thank you to Jonathan Wright, MD for suggesting the dosing protocol of Vitamin’s A and D, and to Dr Akex Vasquez for his review of NAC as an antiviral, mucolytic agent.

Medical Disclaimer
The content of this post is for informational purposes only and is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. Always seek the advice of your physician or other qualified health provider with any questions you may have regarding a medical condition.

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