The body tells the story in symptoms that the mind can’t find words to express
Dr. Leslie  Korn

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Hello, I’m Dr. Leslie Korn. I’m a Harvard Medical School-trained traumatologist specializing in mental health nutrition and integrative approaches to treating the mind and body.

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My life and career has taken me to both Harvard and the jungle of Mexico with many stops in between. I am a passionate advocate for culturally traditional medicines used by people around the world. How did I come to know so much about this and make it my life’s work?

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How I began

My career path began as an undergraduate when I was introduced to yoga and meditation. A Chinese Master, Dr. Ho taught me acupuncture and the I Ching. I penned a letter to my idol Simone de Beauvoir. She wrote me back encouraging me to write. I still have her letter framed on my wall. I’ve since written 8 books with more on the way.


‍I arrive in the jungle of México

At 20, I longed for adventure and self discovery. I traveled to the jungle of Mexico and lived in small Indian fishing village where there was no doctor, roads, or electricity. I started a small elementary school for children. We studied biology at the lagoon and math meant measuring ingredients for cooking. We wrote poetry and danced while listening to Ravel.

I got sick with all kinds of odd ailments and the village women taught me their medicine to help me heal and I taught them about reproductive rights and birth control even as the village priest paid me visits to tell me to stop. Thus began my career.

I learned natural medicine and indigenous healing rituals. These experiences and studies led to my innovative methods of helping clients recover from trauma and addiction by understanding the mind, body and spirit in context of the great quest.

In 1977, I became certified in polarity therapy, therapeutic massage, and yoga, and opened a natural medicine, free public health clinic in the jungle, which I ran for more than 25 years in collaboration with local healers.

The indigenous population traveled by mountain path and canoe to obtain treatment.

I funded my clinic by offering training to thousands of health professionals from around the world who studied bodywork, culinary and herbal medicine, and yoga with me in the jungle.

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