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1. Mind-Body-Spirit Interventions for Patients with PTSD
Psychiatric Times, Special Report.
Korn, L. (2016, December 30).
Retrieved from Psychiatric Times
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2. The Second Brain: Trust Your Gut
The Neuropsychotherapist, 4(12), 30-51.
Korn, L. E. (2016).
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3. Burying the Umbilicus: Traditional Medicine on the West Coast of Mexico
Fourth World Journal, 13(1), 5-31.
Korn, L. (2014).
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4. La costumbre de enterrar el cordón umbilical (Burying the Umbilicus)
Fourth World Journal, 13(1), 33-58.
Korn, L. (2014).
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5. Somatic Empathy: Restoring Community Health with Massage
Fourth World Journal, 12(1), 19-28.
Korn, L. E. (2013).
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6. Journeys of Healing: Indigenous Revitalization of Culture and Traditional Medicine as a Cure for Mental Illness of Indigenous Peoples of the Pacific Northwest of the United States of America [Presentation].
Hirch, M., & Korn, L. (2012).
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7. Preventing and Treating HIV and AIDS: In Search of Constructive Cooperation between Conventional and Traditional Health Practitioners
Community Mental Health and Wellbeing Bulletin, 3(2), 10-14.
Ryser, R. C., & Korn, L. E. (2010).
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8. A Randomized Trial of a CAM Therapy for Stress Reduction in American Indian and Alaskan Native Family Caregivers
The Gerontologist, 49(3), 368-377.
Korn, L. E., Logsdon, R. G., Polissar, N. L., Gomez-Beloz, A., Waters, T., & Ryser, R. (2009).
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9. Salish Culture, Foods and Medicines: Indigenous Traditions and CAM for the Prevention and Treatment of Diabetes Type 2
Townsend Letter. Retrieved from The Free Library
Korn, L., & Ryser, R. (2009, May 1).
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10. American Indian Caregiver Policy Study. Olympia, WA.
Center for World Indigenous Studies.
Ryser, R. C., Korn, L. E., & Berridge, C. W. (2008).
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11. Polarity Therapy Protocol for Dementia Caregivers Part 2.
Journal of Bodywork and Movement therapies, 11(3), 244-259.
Korn, L. E., Loytomaki, S., Hinman, T., & Ryser, R. (2007).
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12. A Salish Feast: Ancient Roots and Modern Applications
Cultural Survival Quarterly, 31(1): 6-7.
Korn, L. E., & Ryser, R. C. (2007).
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13. Designing a Polarity Therapy Protocol: Bridging Holistic, Cultural, and Biomedical Models of Research
Journal of Bodywork and Movement Therapies, 11(2), 129-140.
Korn, L. E., & Ryser, R. C. (2007).
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14. Burying the Umbilicus: Nutrition Trauma, Diabetes and Traditional Medicine in Rural West Mexico
In Ferreira, M. L., & Lang, G. C. (Eds.), Indigenous peoples and diabetes. Durham, NC: Carolina Academic Press.
Korn, L. E., & Ryser, R. C. (2006).
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15. Polarity Therapy: A Brief Review of the Literature
Energy, 7-10.
Korn, L. (2003, Spring).
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16. Clinician’s Complete Reference to Complementary and Alternative Medicine (423-434)
Korn, L. (2003). Polarity therapy. In D. Novey (Ed.),
St. Louis, MO: Mosby.
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17. Community Trauma and Development
Fourth World Journal, 5(1), 1-9.
Korn, L. (2002).
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18. The Rhythms of Body and Earth in the Mexican Jungle. In M. Wyman (Ed.),
Sweeping the earth: Women taking action for a healthy planet (141-152).
Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island, Canada: Gynergy Books.
Korn, L. (1999).
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19. Polarity Therapy: To Touch the Heart of the Matter
Somatics, 30-34.
Korn, L. (1987, Spring/Summer).
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