Recipe: Green Tea Smoothie to Calm Down

green tea drink with ice

Green tea is an ideal beverage to reduce anxiety while staying alert and focused. This smoothie is an excellent alternative to stimulant medications for people of all ages. It contains the anxiolytic amino acid theanine, which reduces the buzz provided by the caffeine. This smoothie can be eaten any time of day but preferably before 6 pm.

I prefer to purchase powdered Matcha green tea because it is richer in theanine, but you can also steep bags of green tea or loose leaf tea. If you steep the bags, make a quart of concentrated tea ahead of time and keep it in the fridge to use it when making this smoothie. Experiment with the ingredients in this smoothie to suit your taste. The tea will last a week in the fridge.

Green Tea Smoothie


½ c. almond or hemp milk or whole milk yogurt (cow or goat)
¼ c. frozen blueberries or raspberries
1 tsp. matcha, green tea powder, or ½ c. concentrated green tea
3 drops liquid Stevia or a tsp. raw honey to taste

Optional: half a banana


Blend until smooth.

TIP: Use stevia liquid; the powder can leave a bitter aftertaste.

TIP: Use honey sparingly but when you do, buy raw honey that is local to your neighborhood or region. Raw, local honey can also help reduce allergies and is anti-bacterial.

NOTE: If you use the green tea bags, steep 6 in a quart of hot water for 20 minutes. After you use the bags, save them in the fridge and apply them to your eyes while you rest to reduce inflammation or tired eyes. Benefits all around!

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