The Good Mood Kitchen: How foods, herbs and spices help us lift depression, reduce anxiety and sleep like a baby

February 19-20, 2021

8th Annual Food as Medicine Symposium: Clinical Applications of Nutrition for Inflammation & Chronic Disease

We all know Blueberries and Virgin Olive Oil are good for us, but beyond that how do we turn our Kitchen into a pharmacy and use specific foods, spices and herbs to really achieve a great mood and  conquer depression, anxiety, PTSD and insomnia?  We will explore that there is no one right diet for everyone, and learn the benefits and pitfalls of various diets at different life stages, and how to support our brain and mind  with a few supplements, whether we are babies or elders or in between. We will explore the “Korn Principle of Substitutions” and identify changes that are sustainable in order to enhance our mental health. Get ready for some easy-peasy recipes to try at home.

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